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Richard Robbins

Stellar Payment Network

Stellar Money Payment Network

Stellar on Github The Stellar network is used to facilitate trading cryptocurrency by providing an open-source protocol that allows its users to make trades between digital currencies and traditional payment currencies (such as US dollars or Euros). The Stellar payment…

Kraken Cryptocurrency Exchange

Kraken Crypto Exchange Logo

Kraken is a cryptocurrency exchange based in the United States. It has a trading volume in the billions of dollars. There are 91 different cryptocurrency coins available for trading through the Kraken exchange. If you’re interested in learning more about…

Mandala Exchange

Mandala Exchange Logo

Mandala is a cryptocurrency exchange that runs on Binance Cloud technology. Mandala offers a cheaper way to buy and sell cryptocurrency over Binance. Mandala allows users to access nearly 300 different cryptocurrencies. Mandala does not support exchanging cryptocurrency funds for…


Coinbase Logo

Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange formed in 2012 by Brian Armstrong. The Coinbase exchange provides access over 100 cryptocurrencies, and supports converting those currencies into the following fiat currencies: USD EUR GBP If you’d like to learn how to use…


Binance Logo

Binance is the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, with tens of billions of dollars worth of value exchanged daily. Binance lists almost 400 coins on its exchange, including two coins (Binance Coin and Binance Smart Chain) that were launched…