Learning Management Systems

Learning management systems (LMS) are software platforms designed to educate users through courses and content that is organized so that it can be easily consumed by students while also having their individual progress tracked and recorded.

LMS software is used extensively by universities, companies (especially larger corporations), non-profit organizations, and other entities as a mechanism for their employees or associates to be trained. In fact, learning management software has replaced traditional classroom and in-person instruction. As the internet has made distance and on-demand learning much more attractive, LMS software has become more ubiquitous.

LMS tools are also used for individual learning paradigms, independent of classrooms and businesses. LMS applications such as Udemy.com facilitate peer-to-peer training, where people can create and upload courses to be consumed by others either for free or for a fee.

You'll find in this software category of TheTechnologyVault.com several LMS tools that used by institutions and individuals to promote learning.

Moodle Open Source Learning Management System

Moodle Open Source LMS Learning Management System

Moodle is a unique version of a learning management system (LMS) in that you don’t pay for a subscription to use Moodle as you would with hosted LMS software (such as Blackboard or Bridge). Instead, to use Moodle, you typically download the latest version from Moodle’s download page, then install the software in a hosting environment you’ve set up for hosting the software. As an alternative, you can do a Git install from your hosting environment following the instructions Moodle provides for going that route. Moodle is highly extensible and built with flexibility similar to how WordPress and other popular…

Brightspace Learning Management Software

Brightspace by D2L Learning Management System LMS

Brightspace is a learning management system (LMS) built by D2L (Desire2Learn) that has components designed for organizational entities ranging from K-12 grade schools to colleges and universities to small and large companies.

Udemy Online Course Platform

Udemy Online Course Management Platform

Udemy is an online course platform that brings together educators and students. Udemy’s innovative learning management system (LMS) software includes tools that can be used by instructors to create, publish and market courses on nearly an unlimited number of topics. For those seeking to learn a new skill or dig deeper on an existing skill set, Udemy has courses that go from basics to advanced concepts in everything from software development and other technical expertises to people skills and productivity learning. Introducing the Udemy App Udemy for Instructors Udemy aggressively invites anyone with a skill to use their platform for…

Thinkific Online Course Platform

Thinkific Learning Management System Online Courses

Thinkific Online Course Platform