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Moz (sometimes referred to as is one of the longest-standing and most popular tools for search engine marketers. Moz was known as SEOMoz prior to 2013, but shortened its name to Moz as it went after a broader market beyond the original set of SEO-focused essential products. Moz is still best known for providing super helpful tools for doing various aspects of search engine optimization, including keyword research, competitor research, page grading, link building, and several other parts of the search engine marketing spectrum.

I will review each of the Moz tools with you here and compare Moz with some of the alternatives that exist out there so that you can determine what software is the best option for you to use in doing search engine optimization and related activities for the websites or businesses you’re responsible for promoting.

The Moz tool suite explanation and review video below will give you a good introduction to the company and its tools. The review is a few years old, but the tools have stayed as consistent as the general search engine and other algorithms that, with minor adjustments over the years, have relied upon most of the same factors from a decade ago up through today.

Moz Pro Campaigns

Moz Pro Campaigns allow you to track progress on specific websites to see how your marketing efforts are doing. With the basic Moz Pro account, you can track up to five different websites and see

Here are the pieces of information tracked through the Moz Pro Campaigns:

  • Search Visibility
  • Traffic Analytics Data
  • Link Profile
  • Keyword Rankings for Tracked Keywords

Moz Local

This tool helps you analyze locally oriented business listings and shows you how to improve the business’ local search marketing profile.

Keyword Explorer

This is Moz’s keyword tool, which helps you find keywords to target related to a product or purpose. It shows you how popular terms are and how competitive they might be to rank for.

Link Explorer

This Moz tool helps you understand your own website’s backlink profile, and it can also be used to research competitor links for ideas on how to improve your site’s authority through backlinks.

Rank Checker

Moz’s rank checker is similar to the rank tracking feature of their Moz Pro Campaigns tool, except that this tool allows you to perform ad hoc, one-off rank checks. Even though it’s an ad hoc tool, the Moz Rank Checker can still be used to track rankings for keywords over time.

Page Optimization – On-Page Grader

Moz’s On-Page Grader compares your website’s pages against the industry standards for on-page factors that help you web pages rank well. Besides general recommendations for best practice on-page optimization, Moz’s On-Page Grader also shows you how to improve your pages’ rankings through the lens of ranking for a specific keyword phrase, which you input into their tool to compare your page againts.

On-Demand Crawl

Moz’s On-Demand Crawl tool looks at your website similar to how a search engine does, and identifies technical and optimization issues that should be be fixed. The On-Demand Crawl tool also makes suggestions on how to fix the issues it uncovers.

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