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Adobe Photoshop is a raster graphics editing software developed and published by Adobe Inc. It is the industry-standard software for digital image editing and manipulation, allowing users to create, enhance, and edit images and graphics.


  • Image editing tools, such as selection, retouching, color correction, and compositing
  • Support for various image file formats, including JPG, PNG, GIF, and TIFF
  • Layers and masks for advanced image editing and compositing
  • Advanced typography tools, including type styles and paragraph styles
  • Customizable workspace and shortcuts
  • Support for plugins and scripts to extend its functionality


  • High-quality image editing and manipulation
  • Industry-standard software for digital images
  • Intuitive and customizable workspace
  • Large community of users and support
  • Extensive image editing and manipulation features

Target Audience

Adobe Photoshop is aimed at professional photographers, graphic designers, and digital artists. However, it can also be used by individuals for personal image editing needs.


Adobe Photoshop is available as part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud subscription, with pricing starting at $9.99 per month for a single app subscription. A free trial is also available.

Product Reviews and User Sentiment

Adobe Photoshop is widely regarded as one of the best image editing software available, with users praising its extensive feature set, intuitive interface, and overall reliability. There are some criticisms of its subscription-based pricing model, but many users find it worth the cost for the extensive tools and capabilities it offers.

Popular Alternatives

  • GIMP: A free, open-source image editing software with a feature set similar to Adobe Photoshop
  • CorelDRAW: A vector graphics editor that also offers raster image editing capabilities
  • Affinity Photo: A professional photo editing software for Mac and Windows
  • PaintShop Pro: A budget-friendly image editing software for Windows

Programming Language(s)

Adobe Photoshop is primarily written in C++, with some parts written in Assembly and JavaScript.

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