DigitalOcean is a cloud infrastructure provider that helps developers deploy and maintain applications at scale. From their products and services to pricing, DigitalOcean has singularly focused on simplicity; allowing teams to dive in and get exactly what they need. Keep reading to learn more and get started by joining their free trial!

Explainer Video

In this introductory explainer video, you are taught by packetcode how to quickly set up a DigitalOcean droplet. This tutorial provides insight to the ease of setup and transparency of cost for the consumer.

DigitalOcean Details

When considering what cloud infrastructure to use, you have most likely heard of AWS and may be considering using it. As big and well known as AWS is, why would you choose DigitalOcean? The simple answer is that DigitalOcean is not competing with AWS at all. DigitalOcean is laser focused on the needs of small to medium size companies and delivers simple, straight-forward, transparently priced products and services.

DigitalOcean’s bread and butter has been their Droplets (servers) which host the applications and are configurable by the user. Overtime they added support for Kubernetes applications to manage containerized apps and are now offering a fully managed service called “App Platform”. App Platform is meant to allow the user to only be concerned with the application and be hands off with infrastructure needs. It utilizes their existing infrastructure products and the cost is determined by build transfer size and time.

DigitalOcean also has offerings for databases, object storage, and networking products. Of course there are choices to be made with each product (size, performance, etc.), but those are simple as well.

DigitalOcean Products and Pricing

More specific details about the pricing for each DigitalOcean product can be found on the pricing page of the DigitalOcean website.


$ 5.00 Starts At
  • Deploy in seconds
  • Scale up on demand
  • Run any workload – from mission critical apps to low traffic sites
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Managed Kubernetes

$ 10.00 Starts At
  • Simple, managed, Kubernetes
  • Free control plane included
  • Scale automatically, increase availability
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App Platform

$ 0.00 Starts At
  • Build, deploy and scale apps quickly
  • No infrastructure management required
  • Highly scalable
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Managed Databases

$ 15.00 Starts At
  • Worry-free setup and maintenance
  • Free daily backups, automated failover
  • PostgreSQL, MySQL, and Redis
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Spaces Object Storage

$ 5.00 Starts At
  • S3-compatible object storage
  • Highly scalable
  • Built in CDN
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$ 10.00 Starts At
  • Block Storage
  • Highly available
  • Easy to scale, resize, and move between droplets
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Load Balancers

$ 10.00 Starts At
  • Let’s Encrypt and HTTP/2 support
  • Compatible with Droplets and DigitalOcean Kubernetes
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Container Registry

$ 0.00 Starts At
  • Easily store and manage private container images
  • Transfer container images over high-speed HTTPS connections to servers across four continents
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