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Discord is a communication platform that facilitates communication through voice, video calls, and text-based messaging among its 350 million registered users. Discord also allows users to share media and other types of files. Users of Discord interact in private chats or as members of public groups.

Discord’s user has been heavily weighted towards gamers, software developers, and other technical personas, but has gained popularity among other groups of people in the past few years as Discord has promoted its platform to groups outside of its initial intended purpose.

Discord interactions are built around communities, which are referred to as servers. Users of Discord can set up private or public communities.

Discord is being used as a base for communicating with online audiences, giving them greater access to communication, whether those audiences originate from Instagram followers, YouTube subscribers, or on some other social media or blog following.

How to Access Discord

One of the things that makes Discord so popular, besides its advanced communication features, is how accessible it is. Discord can be downloaded onto an Mac or PC, onto mobile devices that run iOS or Android operating systems, and it can be used directly from a browser.

How to Use Discord

The video below provides an extensive overview of how to use Discord, and should help you determine whether you should Discord for communicating.

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