LiquidWeb Web Hosting Provider

Liquid Web Web Hosting

Liquid Web is a web hosting provider based in Lansing, Michigan that provides a wide spectrum of high performance web hosting products, including:

Liquid Web doesn’t provide standard shared hosting plans, which are normally used by budget-conscious individuals or small businesses. Instead Liquid Web focuses its energy and technology on high performance, customized hosting that is more expensive than the basic hosting plans offered by GoDaddy, Bluehost, and other hosting companies who cater more to the masses.

The closest products Liquid Web has to the shared hosting plans other hosts tend to offer are its Managed WordPress, Managed WooCommerce plans, which are priced like shared hosting (and most likely run in environments similar to shared hosting), but that are configured specifically for WordPress.

LiquidWeb Pricing and Plans

Liquid Web’s hosting plans are categorized into 14 different types of hosting. Within most categories there are several tiers to choose from, based upon the level of performance and resources desired for specific needs.

Liquid Web’s Managed WordPress plans are the cheapest options available through LiquidWeb, starting at $9.50 per month.

Liquid Web basic VPS accounts (without upgrades) start at $15 per month.

Liquid Web Dedicated server hosting account start at $169 per month.

Liquid Web Cloud dedicate servers start at $149 per month.

Liquid Web has several other customized options that are provided to accommodate specific web hosting preferences. Many of these highly customized hosting options are hundreds of dollars per month, with the most advanced costing more than $1,000 per month. This level of hosting performance puts Liquid Web as a hosting provider into the same category as the cloud providers, including AWS and Google Cloud Platform.

LiquidWeb Pricing Web Hosting Plans

Liquid Web Customer Support

While Liquid Web is priced higher than similar web hosting options, its customer support provides value commensurate with the premium cost for its plans. Liquid Web has 24/7/365 available via online chat, phone, and through a help desk ticket system.

I’ve used Liquid Web personally to host several of my ecommerce websites and blogs, and I’ve found their support team to be very knowledgable and quick to respond.

Liquid Web Data Centers

Liquid Web has three data centers, two in the United States, and one in Europe.

Lansing, Michigan: Their largest (by far) data center (called US-CENTRAL) is at their headquarters in Lansing, Michigan. That data center has a capacity of 33,000 servers.

Phoenix, Arizona: Liquid Web’s US-WEST data center in Phoenix has a capacity of 2,000 servers.

Amsterdam, Netherlands: Liquid Web’s Europe data center (EU-CENTRAL) has a capacity of 8,000 servers.

Each of the two American data centers is SSAE-16 audit compliant as well as HIPAA compliant. The data center in the Netherlands has ISO and other certifications and meets relevant compliance standards, including:

  • PCI-DSS Compliant
  • ISAE 3402 Compliant
  • ISO9001 Certified
  • ISO14001 Certified
  • ISO27001 Certified
  • AMS-IX Compliant

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