Apple Logic Pro X Digital Audio Workstation

Logic Pro X

Logic Pro Digital Audio Workstation (DAW)

Logic Pro X: A comprehensive, professional music production studio.

Logic Pro X is a comprehensive professional recording studio on the Mac, offering advanced audio production capabilities.


Logic Pro X offers an incredibly deep set of tools to create music, with everything a musician needs to write, record, edit, and mix. It’s used by professional musicians and producers to create a wide variety of music genres. It includes a massive collection of instruments, effects, and loops, providing a complete toolkit to create amazing-sounding music.

Video Intro

This introduction to Logic Pro X in the video to the right will give you a good feel for the features of the software and show you what Logic Pro X can do.

This intro is for those who are beginners to Logic Pro X and to using DAW (digital audio workspace) software altogether, but it gives some useful explanations that will help more advanced users decide whether Logic Pro X is a good option.

Key Features of Logic Pro X

Professional Music Production

Drum Production and Beat-Making Tools

Keyboard and Synths

Guitar and Bass Gear

Sound Library

Creative and Production Effects

Mixing and Automation

Pricing for Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X is priced at $199.99 on the Mac App Store.


Logic Pro X can be run on devices that run the macOS 12.3 or later, including MacBook Pro (the most popular device).

  • macOS 12.3 or later
  • 6GB of storage space (minimum)
  • 72GB of storage space for full Sound Library installation

Full technical specs, including can be found on the Apple support page for Logic Pro.

Download and Installation Instructions

You can download and install Logic Pro X directly from the Mac App Store.

Logic Pro X on Windows?

Logic Pro X DOES NOT run on Windows. The software is designed for use with Apple products running the macOS only.

Logic Pro X Tech Stack

Logic Pro X is built primarily using Objective-C and offers extensive support for MIDI and audio recording.

  • Objective-C: original programming language used for coding Logic Pro X; Objective-C is an objected oriented version of the C programming language
  • Swift: open source programming language created by Apple for easily building apps on iOS, Mac, and other Apple platforms.

Apple has introduced Swift as a modern and more expressive programming language. As a result, parts of Logic Pro X and other Apple software may have been gradually migrated or rewritten in Swift to take advantage of its benefits, such as improved safety, performance, and developer productivity.


While Logic Pro X itself does not have certifications, it is widely recognized in the music industry as a professional-grade tool for audio production.

Apple Certified Professional for Logic Pro X

Apple used to offer a certification as an Apple Certified Professional for Logic Pro X, but they have discontinued it, and the certification process no longer exists.


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Apple provides comprehensive resources for support, including a detailed user guide, a community forum, and dedicated customer support.

Logic Pro X Reviews

Logic Pro X currently has a 4.4/5 review on the App Store based on nearly 3,000 reviews. To read the reviews, you can visit the App Store and sort by most helpful, most recent, most favorable, or most critical reviews.

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