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Thinkific Online Course Platform

Thinkific is an online learning platform that is designed for both educators and students. Thinkific functions as a community driven learning management system (LMS) that provides a platform for educators to create content, share it, and profit from having students sign up for and take their courses.

Thinkific was designed primarily with education entrepreneurs in mind, people who want to profit from sharing their knowledge using the Thinkific course-building and promotion toolset. However, Thinkific is also used for employee training and corporate educational purposes as well.

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Thinkific Pricing


Cost: $0

Access to Thinkific’s core feature set. This plan is essentially a test-drive of the Thinkific platform.


Cost: $49/month

Includes basic Thinkific features needed to launch one course.


Cost: $99/month

Thinkific Pro is for serious course creators determined to build their own education business using the Thinkific platform. Includes all of the Thinkific tools and features.


Cost: $499/month

This plan is for advanced users who are at the next level for online education and who want to scale their business. Includes all of the Thinkific features + Thinkific’s Growth package for scaling market efforts.

Thinkific for Lead Generation

Thinkific’s software platform can even be used for lead generation. Considering the customer journey as being closely associated with education about products and services, Thinkific’s set of tools can be used to escort potential customers through the product education process, acting as lead input system for a customer relationship management (CRM) tool. As potential and existing customers continue to learn more about a product or company, that education can then be used to generate revenue. By making the learning experience interactive between a customer or sales lead and an internal sales team members makes the sales process much more streamlined.

Thinkific integrates directly with Salesforce, connecting Thinkific user data with Salesforce contacts. Thinkific can also be integrated with CRM tools like HubSpot, Pipedrive, or InfusionSoft using the Zapier automation tool.

Thinkific CRM Integration Zapier: HubSpot, InfusionSoft, Pipedrive

Thinkific for Entrepreneurial Educators

Thinkific was designed to give online educators simple but powerful tools to create online courses that can provide customized experiences for an unlimited number of students. Thinkific has resources for educators to build their own personal instructor websites on which they can sell and publish courses.

Here are a few of the resources Thinkific provides for course creating entrepreneurs:

  • Delivery flexibility: lessons can be presented as live, on-demand videos, or a combination of both
  • Assessments and certificates: built-in ability to evaluate students and formally reward them for succeeding
  • Progress tracking: in-depth progress reporting system for each student
  • Communities and memberships: ability to create an interactive section of your course for engaging with students or allowing them to interact with each other
  • Drag and drop website builder: an easy to use tool for creating and organizing course content, then publishing it
  • Checkout system: accept signups and payments through Thinkific’s ecommerce payment system
  • Product flexibility: ability to sell your educational content in standalone courses or as components of bundles or subscriptions
  • Pricing and marketing tools: control over pricing, coupons, and subscription, and promotion

Thinkific Course Examples

To understand how Thinkific’s learning management system works, it’s helpful to see what existing instructors are building with their courses. Here are some examples of courses that are marketed and published on Thinkific’s LMS platform:

Jonathan Levi’s SuperLearner Academy

James Testani’s GoodGuitarist School


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