Udemy Online Course Management Platform

Udemy Online Course Platform

Udemy is an online course platform that brings together educators and students. Udemy’s innovative learning management system (LMS) software includes tools that can be used by instructors to create, publish and market courses on nearly an unlimited number of topics. For those seeking to learn a new skill or dig deeper on an existing skill set, Udemy has courses that go from basics to advanced concepts in everything from software development and other technical expertises to people skills and productivity learning.

Introducing the Udemy App

Udemy for Instructors

Udemy aggressively invites anyone with a skill to use their platform for various aspects of the course creation process, including:

  • Planning out a course
  • Creating a course, including recording yourself, your screen, or whatever the visual is that best fits what you’re intending to teach
  • Marketing a course to attract students so that you (and Udemy themselves) can make money

As of 2022, Udemy has nearly 50 million students using its platform. Udemy markets to those users consistently through email and other promotional methods, which means that a good course published on Udemy is likely to have consistent student signups.


Udemy for Students

Udemy gives access to online learning courses to nearly 50 millions students, who can choose from close to 200,000 courses taught be over 50,000 different teachers.

Course creators have the flexibility to charge whatever they feel like their course is worth, ranging from as low as $11.99 and as high as $199.99 per course.

Once a student has enrolled in a course, they are normally given lifetime access to review the course as many times as they choose. Students can see they progress they’ve made as they take a course, and they can usually interact with the course teacher and others who are taking the course through Udemy’s course messaging system.

Udemy Course Pricing and Discounts

While the most in-demand courses on Udemy tend to be in the higher range of the pricing, there are very often discounts and coupons available to bring most courses on Udemy under $50.

Promotional pricing and discounts are often shared through Udemy’s mailing list.

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