Pinterest Technology Stack

Pinterest Tech Stack

Pinterest is a very visually-oriented social media platform that is used for sharing information about everything from home construction projects to recipes to pictures of beaches and other interesting stuff.

Like other hugely popular social media platforms that are designed to support millions of users, Pinterest is designed to efficiently deliver highly visual content and

If you’ve ever been interested in knowing what technology stack is used by Pinterest to accomplish what they do, StackShare provides that information. I have embedded their representation of the Pinterest tech stack below.

Highlights of Pinterest Technology Stack

Coding: Pinterest uses Python as the foundation of its code base, together with the Django Python framework. Other languages used to supplement the Python application layer include Java, Javascript (within the React JS framework), Objective-C, and Golang.

Databases: Pinterest uses MySQL and Hadoop to store and retrieve data. It also uses Redis and Memcached for data caching.

Web Server: Pinterest uses Nginx as its web server.

Cloud Storage and Hosting: Pinterest uses Amazon S3 and EC2 instances for storing information and running its Nginx web servers.

DevOps: Pinterest resources operate in a Docker infrastructure.

The following graphic from StackShare shows a comprehensive list of what technologies Pinterest uses to operate its platform as well as to organize its team, which consists of over 3,000 employees.