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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) software tools help users optimize their web pages and other content (including images, videos, and other data) to rank highly in search engines to get free traffic from Google and other search engines.

SEO software tools have been developed to help with specific aspects of SEO (like link building), but most of the popular SEO tools are built on platforms that include suites of products that provide help with everything from keyword research, link building, content writing, competitor evaluation, and lots of other SEO-related functions.

The listings in this category can be used to handle one or more aspects of search engine optimization.

Google Analytics Realtime Overview Dashboard
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Google Analytics

Product Launch Date: November 2005 Pricing: Free The majority of Google Analytics users install and use the free version of the tool, which handles most or all of what’s required by typical small and medium-sized organizations. Google Analytics 360 Google also offers a paid, enterprise version of its analytics tool. The paid version is called…

SEMRUsh Domain Overview SEO Tool
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SEMRush Domain Overview Tool

SEMRush is one of the most popular tools among internet marketers for creating strategies related to getting traffic from search engines. In this article, I am going to describe what is likely the most commonly used tool in the SEMRush search engine marketing toolset, the Domain Overview tool. Note: You’ll need a paid SEMRush account…